Our Mission

Our Mission


We believe Home Health Care services are a vital link in the health delivery system to provide continuing care to clients in their own homes for the purpose of minimizing the effects of illness, accident or disability.

All Home Health is dedicated to the recognition of aged and/or diseased and/or disabled person's intrinsic worth and to the recognition that those persons are entitled to regain maximum participation in society.

We recognize that the process of aging is an inevitable development of an individual and that chronic disease and disability may be an integral part of that development.  The contributions of the aged, diseased or disabled are no less important than the contributions of other members of society.

In providing care to individuals, we also recognize that individuals and families have inalienable rights to self determination through participation in planning for care, making decisions regarding their health care and maintaining independence as long as feasible. In addition, health education is considered to be an integral part of All Home Health's program.

All Home Health also recognizes that the influence of staff behavior, attitude, knowledge, and understanding is an important determinant of effectively helping individuals attain and maintain optimum health.

All Home Health commits to the rehabilitation of aged and/or diseased and/or disabled individuals within the structure of their home environment for the purpose of allowing maximum contribution, retention of self-respect, and independence.

In the instances where rehabilitation is not realistic, all Home Health commits to providing individuals with appropriate care and coordinated services, while supporting an individual's dignity and self-respect.